WCD Team Registration

WCD registration requires review and completion of the following documents:

  1. WCD Team Registration Form 2022-23
    • Must include current AAU membership number
    • Preferred method of payment is VENMO; secondary methods are check payable to “West Chester Diving” or cash

2. WCD Concussion Form 

3. WCD Hand Spotting Form 

4.  AAU Membership

Instructions for AAU Registration (all divers)
go to: http://www.aausports.org/
PROGRAM: youth
MEMBERSHIP FEE: $16.00; select the option with added benefits (one year 9/1/yyyy – 8/31/yyyy)
SPORT: diving
AAU CLUB NAME: West Chester Diving (WCD)

5.  DiveMeets Registration

*Coaches will prompt divers when to complete this step

DiveMeets Registration (all divers)
go to:  http://www.divemeets.com/
CLUB:  West Chester Diving (WCD)
COACH:  Morgan Shive

6.  USA Diving Registration

*Coaches will prompt divers when to complete this step

Instructions for USA Diving Registration (JO divers only)
go to:  http://www.usadiving.org/05redesign/main/index.html
TYPE:  Competitive Gold
MEMBERSHIP FEE: $200.00 (one year 1/1/yyyy – 12/31/yyyy)
ASSOCIATION:  Pennsylvania
CLUB:  West Chester Diving (WCD)

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