Code of Conduct

West Chester Diving, LLC recognizes that athlete sexual abuse and other forms of misconduct is a serious problem that has not been effectively confronted by local and national sports organizations. The damage to individuals who have been abused goes well beyond their inability to reach their potential as athletes, students, and well-rounded individuals. The impact is life changing. Being victimized by a trusted adult, especially in the case of sexual abuse, has a devastating and long-lasting impact ranging from lowered self-esteem, difficulty trusting others, anxiety, stress, fear, and depression to self-destructive tendencies, sexual maladjustment and substance abuse. It is commonplace for abused athletes to accept blame for the misconduct, thinking the abuse is their fault and not recognizing that it is the adult who is wrong. Some abused athletes may even involuntarily and subconsciously bond with their abuser. West Chester Diving, LLC, therefore, has issued the following statement in an effort to deter such misconduct.

West Chester Diving, LLC and its coaching staff emphatically wishes to insure its athletes, parents, and affiliates that we will stand on guard against abuse in order to promote a safe environment by:

  • reporting any suspicion of sexual abuse (and other situations when a child may be in need of protection) to the appropriate authorities
  • refraining from verbal or physical behaviors that constitute harassment or abuse
  • educating athletes about their responsibilities in contributing to a safe environment
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