Policies and Procedures

* Girls to wear one-piece diving suits
* Boys to wear brief diving suits (no jammers, no shorts)
* Bring shorts and t-shirt for dryland training
* For safety reasons, no jewelry, no clips/bobby pins, no band-aids,   no gum

Team Suits
* WCD team suits are required for participation in diving meets; these may not be worn during practices
* WCD warm-up suits are strongly encouraged for the JO level
* WCD spirit wear (tshirts, hoodies, shorts, etc.) are offered a couple of times during the season

* Alternative practices are offered due to cancellations for college events, holidays, and meets
* Alternative practices are NOT offered for personal absences
* Pick-up of divers after practices should be timely; parents/guardians should contact a coach in advance if there in an unplanned delay; if there is no communication, then there will be a 10-minute grace period, and following that there will be a $10 charge for the delay and $1 per minute afterwards until arrival for pick-up

Team Registration
* WCD Registration Form – must be completed and received prior to practicing
* Concussion Form – must be completed and received prior to practicing
* Hand Spotting Form – must be completed and received prior to practicing
* AAU Registration – required for all WCD divers; select the added benefit option; a link to the website, instructions, and WCD club code will be provided
* USA Diving Registration – required for all JO level divers
* Divemeets Registration – for AAU and USA Diving meet entries; required for all WCD divers; no fee; link to the website, and instructions will be provided

* 1M/3M Practices – include the following planned activities by level:
* Beginner – 15 minutes of dryland training and 45 minutes of board skill instruction and activity
* Intermediate/High School – ½ hour of dryland training and 1 hour of board time
* Junior Olympic/Purple – 45 minutes of dryland training and 1.25 hours of board time
* Junior Olympic/Gold – 1 hour of dryland training and 1.5 hours of board time
* Coaches will evaluate and recommend divers to progress to the next level based on observation of skill development, talent potential, and good sportsmanship
Note: if there is not space in the next level, then there will be a waitlist
* Open Diving Friday Practices
* 2 hours of board time; trampoline and spotting rigs may also be used under supervision
* Non-structured – geared to be “fun”; diver may focus on dives they wish to practice for coach’s feedback
* Platform Practices – divers will be invited by the coaches to participate in an optional Platform program; locations of these practices to be announced

* All practice scheduling will be done via TeamUnify
* No scheduling required for Open Diving Friday Practices
* Coaches reserve the right to adjust the schedule based on diver volume

* Registration Fee – $200 per diver for the period 9/1 current year through 8/31 following year; reduced to $125 per diver joining after 3/1 and reduced to $75 per diver joining after 6/1; this covers pool rental, equipment and supplies, maintenance, and part of coaches’ travel expenses for meets during the season
* Practice Fees – per the published WCD fee schedule                                 * Sibling Discount – 10% discount for each additional diver; applies to practice and clinic fees only; if divers are in different levels, then discount applies to equal or lesser monthly fee
*Preferred payment method is through the VENMO app
Download the VENMO app to your phone or tablet
Send a friend request to @westchesterdiving
When making payment, include the diver’s name, purpose and date
Payment will be accepted upon verification of the correct amount and complete description

* If you are unable to use VENMO, checks must be made payable to “West Chester Diving”
* Practice Fees must be received by the end of the first week of each session

Diving Meets
* AAU & USA Diving Meets
* Beginner — Divers may participate in novice AAU competitions with coach’s recommendation
* Intermediate — Divers must make a commitment to attend AAU competitions, and USA Diving competitions upon coach’s invitation
* Junior Olympic — Divers must make a commitment to attend all AAU Meets (exception: one excused meet) and USA diving competitions (upon qualification)
* Event Entry Fees – these are charged by the meet sponsor for one meter, three meter, and platform entry; the typical fee is approximately $35 per board
* Coaching Fees – these are charged by WCD to contribute to covering the cost of coaching as well as travel, lodging, and meal expenses
* AAU Meets – The fee is $35 per event, payable to “West Chester Diving” and submitted one week prior to the meet
* USA Diving Meets – The fee is $50 per event, payable to “West Chester Diving” and submitted one week prior to the meet
* Registration and Dive Sheets – these should be completed online at www.divemeets.com by the diver and parents/guardians
* Hotel Accommodations – if necessary, reserving and paying for personal lodging is the responsibility of the diver’s family

Practice Viewing
* Parents, guardians, and guests are welcome to watch practices, however, they should sit within the second set of bleachers; this is to create a positive learning environment, maximize diver focus and interaction with the coaches, and ensure safety
* Please be respectful of the WCU facilities and clean-up/discard containers and trash prior to leaving the building

Video Taping
* NO video taping of warm-ups or practices. If required, you must submit a request in writing via email to Ronn Jenkins and Tom Gallagher asking permission and specifying the purpose and date

Cell Phones
* Divers may NOT have cell phones on the pool deck; during practices phones must be placed in their duffle bags

Questions for Coaches
* Do not talk with a coach during practice; make arrangements via email or direct call to setup a time outside of practice; coaches’ contact information is maintained on the WCD website www.westchesterdiving.com
* Questions? >> first go to the WCD website; then email Mary Jane Kleinfelter @ mjik@comcast.net and Tom Gallagher @ coachtom.wcd@gmail.com

* Reminders will be sent via email
* Alerts and news will be posted on the WCD website

WCD Parking
* NO Parking allowed in the Hollinger Field House parking lot (this is strictly an employee lot)
* Student Parking Lots – free after 4pm weekdays and all day on weekends
* New Street Parking Garage – 300 West Nields Street
* Street Parking – with meters