Policies and Procedures

West Chester Diving Policies & Procedures 2022-2023

COVID 19 Rules

  • If a diver has any symptoms, then do not bring he/she to practice until symptom-free for at least 24 hours
  • If a diver is diagnosed with COVID 19, then communicate immediately to Ronn Jenkins
  • Returning to practice after COVID 19 diagnosis requires written proof of negative test result and clearance from a physician

Team Registration

    • WCD Registration Form – must be completed and received prior to practicing
    • Concussion Form – must be completed and received prior to practicing
    • Hand Spotting Form – must be completed and received prior to practicing
    • AAU Registration (9/1/2022-8/31/2023) – required for all WCD divers; select the added benefit option; a link to the website, instructions, and WCD club code will be provided
    • USA Diving Registration (1/1/2023-12/31/2023) – required for all JO level divers; coaches will prompt divers when to complete
    • Divemeets Registration – for AAU and USA Diving meet entries; required for all WCD divers; no fee;                                  (link to the website, and instructions will be provided)


1M/3M Practices – include the following planned activities by level: o Beginner – dryland training and board skill instruction
o Intermediate – dryland training and board time
o Advanced – dryland training and board time

o Coaches will evaluate and recommend divers to progress to the next level based on observation of skill development, talent potential, and good sportsmanship
Note: if there is not space in the next level, then there will be a waitlist


  • Changes should be requested in advance prior to the start of a new session
  • Coaches reserve the right to adjust the schedule based on diver volume


    • Alternative practices are offered due to cancellations for college events, holidays, and meets
    • Alternative practices are NOT offered for personal absences
    • Drop-off and pickup of divers at the lobby doors
    • Pick-up of divers after practices should be timely; parents/guardians should contact a coach in advance if there is an unplanned delay


  • Registration Fee – $250 one-time non-refundable per diver for the period 9/1/2022-8/31/2023; this covers pool rental, equipment, supplies, maintenance, and part of coaches’ travel expenses for meets during the season.
  • Practice Fees – per the published WCD fee schedule (sent via email)
  • Sibling Discount – 10% discount for each additional diver; applies to practice; if divers are in different levels, then discount applies to equal or lesser fee
  • Practice Fees must be received by the start of each session, and can be remitted in the following ways:

1.)   Venmo 

o Add the APP to your phone
o Send a friend request to the User Name @westchesterdiving
o Payments must include diver name, purpose, date
o Payments will be accepted upon verification of the correct amount and complete description

2.) Checks Payable to “West Chester Diving”;                                    must include the diver’s name and purpose on the memo line

3.)Cash in sealed enveloped marked with diver’s name and purpose


  • Girls to wear one-piece diving suits
  • Boys to wear brief diving suits (no jammers, no shorts)
  • Bring shorts and a t-shirt for dryland training
  • For safety reasons, no jewelry, no clips/bobby pins, no band-aids, no gum

Team Suits/Spirit wear

  • WCD team suits are required for participation in diving meets
  • WCD spirit wear (T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, etc.) is offered a couple of times during the season

Diving Meets

AAU & USA Diving Meets
oBeginner Divers are encouraged to participate in novice AAU
competitions with coach’s recommendation

oIntermediate Divers are encouraged to participate in novice or JO AAU competitions, and USA Diving competitions upon coach’s invitation

o Advanced Divers are encouraged to attend all AAU Meets and USA diving competitions (upon qualification)

Event Entry Fees these are charged by the meet sponsor for one meter, three meter, and platform entry

Coaching Fees these are charged by WCD to contribute to covering the cost of coaching as well as travel, lodging, and meal expenses:

oAAU Meets The fee is$50per event, payable to “West Chester Diving”and submitted one week prior to the meet

o USA Diving Meets The fee is$75per event, payable to “West Chester Diving” and submitted one week prior to the meet

o Note: coach expense for AAU & USA Nationals competitions to be
allocated/shared across the participants

Registration and Dive Sheets these should be completed online at www.divemeets.com by the divers and parents/guardians

Hotel Accommodations reserving and paying for personal lodging is the responsibility of the diver’s parents/guardians

Practice Viewing
Spectators are required to sit on the bleachers at the shallow end of the pool

Please be respectful of the WCU facilities and cleanup/discard containers and trash prior to leaving the building

Video Taping

NO video taping of warmups or practices

If a diver wants a video, then he/she should request a coach to video

Cell Phones

Divers may NOT have cell phones on the pool deck; during practices phones must be placed in their bags


    • Bring water or sports drink (no glass)
    • May bring a snack, but no eating in locker rooms

Questions for Coaches

  • Do not talk with a coach during practice; make arrangements via email, text, or direct call to setup a time outside of practice; coaches’ contact information is maintained on the WCD website www.westchesterdiving.com
  • Questions?  email Ronn Jenkins


  • Reminders will be sent via email
  • Alerts and news will be posted on the WCD website and sent via email
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