WCD Practice Absences and Make-up Policies

WCD strives to maintain an adequate coaching staff and appropriate coach/divers ratio at each practice and to run organized and efficient practices.  In cases where divers would like to come when not scheduled, it is not possible to accommodate additional divers, given the volume of divers slotted into each practice.  In cases where divers do not show up, it is not fair to give no notice to the coaches who have made a personal commitment to be at the pool.  Thus, we appreciate you reading through and understanding these policies.

Absences due to Personal Reasons – This includes conflicting activities, family/school events, exam weeks, college visits, vacations, etc.  Your responsibility is to communicate in advance the absence to Coach Ronn Jenkins.  There are NO makeups offered.  There is NO proration of practice fees.

Absences to Injury or Illness – Communicate to Coach Ronn Jenkins and Mary Jane Kleinfelter, including a doctor’s note.  Depending upon the length of time, either makeup classes will be arranged or payment credit.

Practices Cancelled by WCD –  On occasion, practice is canceled by WCD due to holidays, college events, pool maintenance, and coaches’ unavailability.  Makeup practices ARE offered in these cases.  Usually, this is within a week of the day being canceled,  and alternative practice days are offered.

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